mucking about

Margaret MacPherson - Mucking About

Join Us Mucking About and, through a series of facilitated exercises, participants will:

Re-focus on innate abilities

Build trust with fellow participants

Recognize and honor intuition

Explore spontaneity without judgment or fear

Engage in different styles of communication

Push the limits of comfort

Discover inventive thinking

Work collaboratively

Take unaccustomed risks

Explore empathy and vulnerability

Rediscover the meaning of work

Apply creative skills in corporate workplace

Supportive Reading:

The Nine Types of Intelligence
by Howard Gardner

Why Did You Know It All Along?
The science behind hindsight bias

Published on September 20, 2012
by Art Markman, Ph.D. in Ulterior Motives

Is Lack of Creativity to be Blamed for Our Poor Entrepreneurial Spirit?
Published 26/12/12
by Gilber Goh

What does creativity mean to you, your boss, your clients?
29/05/10 creativityland inc

Qualities for “Outside the Box” Thinking
Published 03/09/13
by Adam Sicinski

A Workshop fostering Emotional Intelligent and Corporate Excellence

Great people are at the heart of any great company. Energized, excited people give corporations that all-essential competitive edge.

In today’s fast paced Information Age, it’s easy to lose sight of human capital.

Mucking About…. is a science-based arts workshop that allows employees an opportunity to step back and make room for inventiveness and innovation.  The direct result is enhanced team building, solution based problem solving and accelerated workplace productivity.

Invigorated employees pay untold dividends and can elevate a company’s profile from average to exceptional.

Mucking About… is art-making for the non-creative; it’s circular thinking for the linear mind. Think of it as engaging in a foreign landscape in order to enliven and activate what already exists in current corporate culture. 

Expressive Arts practitioner and award winning author Margaret Macpherson’s ArtSpirit training programs and workshops teach individuals how to transfer gained experience from one sphere to another.  By engaging in arts-based activities, participants sharpen critical-thinking skills simply by Mucking About with creative thinking. It’s the right brain, left-brain leap, the one scientists tout as “true innovation.”   

Half day workshop, full weekend retreat, Mucking About… can provide a tailor-made programs that results in a more creative, more inspired and more productive workforce.  It’s big-picture thinking for long lasting changes in the good people at the heart of all corporate enterprise.

Participants will return to the workplace more Energized, Enlightened and Engaged.

To book a workshop email Margaret