Nellie McClung
“I wanted to write; to do for the
people around me what Dickens
had done for his people. I wanted
to be the voice for the voiceless...”
Nellie McClung

Nellie McClung: Voice for the Voiceless

Nellie McClung (1873-1951) had a profound effect on the lives of women in Canada and around the world. She was one of the Famous 5 suffragists from Alberta whose petition to the British Privy Council in the “Persons” Case led to women in Canada and the Commonwealth being declared to be legal “persons” in 1929.

McClung was a Liberal MLA in Alberta from 1921-1926. She served on the first Board of Governors of the CBC and represented Canada at the League of Nations. A prolific writer who published the best-selling novel Sowing Seeds in Danny and many other books, she is most remembered as a strong and effective voice for the women’s movement.

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Outlaws of the Canadian West
"...a good bedtime or fireside
read that is hard to put down."

Rockies Magazine

Outlaws of the Canadian West
M.A. Macpherson

The Canadian West has a history littered with tales of robbers and murderers. These frontier days were long before faxes, DNA analysis and e-mail, and the bad guys could hide in plenty of empty country before they met up with the mighty Mounties. From Manitoba and Saskatchewan to British Columbia and the North, come tales of Billy Miner, the Mad Trapper, Charcoal, Almighty Voice and more.

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Silk, Spices and Glory

Silk, Spices and Glory
in Search of the Northwest Passage
M.A. Macpherson

A popular and lively narrative about the many attempts since the 1500s by early explorers to discover the legendary Northwest Passage. Author M.A. Macpherson looks at the drive to discover a faster, more direct route to the gold, silk, and spices of the East.

Each chapter looks at the adventures and difficulties encountered on a particular expedition. Tales of scurvy, mutiny, incredible luck, and heroism are played out by a cast of characters including such famous explorers as Sir John Franklin, Roald Amundsen, Martin Frobisher, and Henry Hudson. Macpherson dramatizes these unforgettable stories to appeal to a wide audience of readers.

This fascinating book is a timely addition to the renewed interest in polar exploration and adventures.

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Outlaws and Lawmen of the West - Volume I
M.A. Macpherson and Eli MacLaren

The American frontier was a rough place where only the tough survived. Gold and cattle were king, and many took up stealing the former and rustling the latter. Billy the Kid, the Daltons, Jesse James, the Reno Brothers and many more made their names in bandit lore, ending their days at the noose end of a rope or the wrong end of a bullet.